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We service both old trucks and new trucks still under warranty using genuine filters & following the manufacturers service instructions, and also follow our own extensive service program and supply a detailed report sheet on completion of every service carried out.

Vehicles Serviced

Servicing Type 

Minor Service

General check over ,  greasing all chassis and drive line grease points.

Major Service

General check over , greasing all chassis and drive line grease points.

Drain , refill oil ,  replace fuel and oil filters.

Blow out or replace air filters.

Make adjustments as required on Brakes , Clutch , Drive belts .

Check steering , supension for wear.

Check all fluid levels and top up if required.

Check lighting , electrics and for roadworthy.

Notify owner of any worn parts or defects and supply a report sheet.


Repairs to Brake systems , Gearbox , Driveline , Supension and Engines